ElectoMagnetic Field Radiation Testing

There is research showing that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) may increase the risk of cancer as well as contribute to mitochondrial damage. There is also research showing that EMF radiation is harmless and wonderful. The latter kind tends to be sponsored by power and cellular companies, but that's beside the point.

For $30 plus $1 per mile if beyond a 5 mile radius from Skye apartments in Laguna Niguel, I will travel to your home and test your household for EMF hotspots using a TriField meter. I like TriField because it tests radio and microwave radiation in addition to (and separate from) electric radiation and magnetic radiation.

Payment is due upon my arrival and can be in the form of cash or credit card (if there is WifFi access).

Most EMF hotspots are located by WiFi routers, working appliances (such as a portable heater), dimmer switches, CFL lights, and microwaves while in use, but occasionally it can also leak from wiring in the walls.

When I discovered high EMF levels in the walls near my bed, I found that moving the bed into the center of the room where the EMF levels where lowest, alleviated symptoms of dizzyness and headaches that I had been having and improved my clarity and energy levels. Now I recommend that everyone have their homes tested for EMF hotspots in order to help optimize their health.

For those interested, here is a link to an interview regarding the effects of EMF radiation, conducted by Dr. Joseph Mercola, of Paul Heroux, Ph.D., a physicist and professor of toxicology at McGill University: