Jason Yarbrough, ANMT, CMT

Referral Incentives

Send me a client who books an appt for an hour or longer and get $10 off of any of my services. If said client comes in a second time, you get another $10 discount. This applies to my standard and intro rates only, and only when client purchases services directly through me.

If you are a non-competing health care practitioner working in the wellness industry and practice within 5 miles of my office, contact me to see if you qualify to receive one 30 minute massage free of charge.* This deal applies to physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physicians, psychologists, yoga instructors, registered dietetic nutritionists, estheticians, and for the fun of it, hair stylists.

*If you have massage therapists working in the same office suite as you, this would likely disqualify you from this offer.