Jason Yarbrough, ANMT, CMT


Most of these images are of the massage room at the office. Some of the phones used to take the photos have software that have made the room appear brighter than it really is with just the small lamp light on. Other photos have the flash on, and some photos are unaltered. Lastly, there are images of and in tribute to both Janet Travell, White House physician to JFK, who helped develop neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, and Ida Rolf, developer of Rolfing, a form of structural integration. We used Travell's trigger point manuals both at WIN and at NHI, in addition to other learning texts pertaining to body work, assessment, and massage therapy.

All individuals in photos depicting massage therapy in session have agreed to be photographed for the purpose of having their images displayed on my website and advertising materials. To view some testimonials from my clients, please see my Google and Yelp pages linked to on the home page of my website.


Ida Rolf young and old; Rolfing
Dr. Janet Travell and John F. Kennedy


Massage in Progress Supine
Massage - Massaging on the sacrum
Massage in Progress Trigger Point Treatment
Massage in progress in dimly lit room
Massage in progress in dimly lit room
Massage Room


Massage in Progress